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The Fastfill Suite is a collection of software and hardware which is used to allow controlled fuel dispensing from fuel dispensers to specifically identified and authorised vehicles. This suite is levers on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which is used to passively identify the vehicle, allowing automated fuel authorisation based on preset controlling conditions. Control and reporting is performed by authorised users on a web based control system, which is easy to use and can be configured for a number of different fuelling options.

The System allows the customer to control and report on transactions for the fuel delivered from a fuelling location based on authorised RFID tags. Fuel can only be dispensed by users that are in possession of valid RFID tags. If no tag is present, then the pump will not dispense fuel. All transactions are recorded in the system, enabling full reporting and analysis, as well as data export in CSV format. Updates to the system database of tags and vehicles are made by a variety of methods.

The FastFill Suite is intended to be used at service stations or filling points for verifying and recording the identity and other particulars of vehicles being refuelled, along with the details of the fuel sale. This information is securely transferred to the head office control server for reporting and analysis, or export to external enterprise systems

The hardware system consists of a Power Supply, a Safety Barrier and a Reader Module installed within the safe area of the fuel dispensing cabinet. The Reader Module (FFR2) is connected to a Nozzle Antenna, and/or Panel Antenna located in the hazardous area surrounding the fuel dispenser. The Nozzle Antenna is installed on the fuel dispensing nozzle; and a self-contained passive transponder Tag is located on the filler neck of the vehicle to be refuelled. The Panel Antenna is installed on the exterior of the dispenser cabinet. Hand held key fob or ISO format cards can be used with this antenna. The Panel antenna incorporates 3 colour LEDS and a buzzer for use as system indicators. Up to two Antennas may be connected to each Reader Board. There is no limit to the number of Tags.

The Reader Module is capable of communicating to a control system through a serial RS485 or Wi-Fi interface.
The Safety Barrier is designed specifically to provide complete safe operation to the components that are operating in the potentially explosive atmosphere in the forecourt. It limits the DC power which is supplied to the RFID Reader as well as the RS485 lines going to the Reader Module. Each Reader Module requires one Safety Barrier.

All system components feature easy installation with screw terminal block on pluggable connectors and snap-on mounting on DIN-rails.




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