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Repos - Point of Sale System
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REPOS - Retail Point of Sale Software

REPOS is the software application program that looks after the functions performed by the POS console. It is one of the modules designed as a seamless component of ISSAS.

  • Communicates with the back office system and the Crossecom Pump and CRIP controllers.
  • Accepts new products and pricing from head office via the back office computer.
  • Enables total control of all pumps and can stop each or all pumps at once.
  • Allows Pre-Pay, Post-Pay and Attended modes on pumps.
  • Allows up to six customer sales to be stacked thereby reducing waiting time and inconvenience for the customer.
  • Supports up to nine POS consoles.
  • Tracks logon/logoff time of employees (shift start/end).
  • Allows multiple shifts per trading period.
  • Produces a detailed Shift End Report.
  • Accepts input from keyboard plus hand held and flatbed scanners.
  • Warns console operators when outside attendants should deposit takings.
  • Monitors all cash received by pouch/pump attendants.
  • Warns console operators when account customers exceed credit limits.
  • Provides audit trail information of all user & POS actions and transactions.
  • Prompts cashiers with details of free gifts or promotions for customers.
  • Supports on-line discount cards at CRIND and POS.
  • Provides on-line authorisation for the processing of credit cards ie VISA, MasterCard, Amex. (No need for a separate credit card data capture terminal.)
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